Give Her Butterflies This Christmas!
Give Her Butterflies This Christmas!
Give Her Butterflies This Christmas!
The girls want something they can feel this year…
Our advice? Give her butterflies.
Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life? Well, why not give them the gift of transformation?
Investing in your Ondi Bae's look speaks volumes, especially when we're talking volumes of luxury.

The Ondibu Collections range from Indian silky straight to fluffy Cambodian coarse textures. We have hair for coils, kinks, curls and everything in between.

 When you give the gift of Ondibu, you give someone a chance to embrace their natural selves while adding a bit of luxury to their everyday look. 

So, let’s get to the bigger question at hand:

“How do you choose the right one?”


First, you'll want to choose their style...

If your special someone has an everyday chic kind of style, they may like something calm and relaxed like one of our straight textures.


If they have more of a simple & savvy vibe, they may be interested in styles that add a slight spark  to their look like one of our wavy textures.

If they're the fun & dramatic type, they may like something big and bold like one of our curly textures.

Now here's the great news-- 

Our hair is highly versatile.

Our curly textures can be straightened and our straight textures and be wand curled. All of our hair can be colored and bleached without being damaged. If your #OndiBae likes to switch it up, they'll have options with whatever hair you choose. And even better, our hair can last for as long as two to three years, and depending on care, longer!

To find the style that's perfect for your Ondi Bae, head to our site to

start shopping now!