Cambodian Natural Straight Ponytail

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If you love Natural Straight it's available in ponytail form. Our Cambodian Natural Straight ponytail is ideal for those who desire a quick updo. Cambodian straight is med to low luster and has a subtle wave pattern. Make a ponytail, attach this ponytail with one clip, tie an go. It's that easy!

Product Description:

  • 100% unaltered and unprocessed.
  • High-quality ponytail, hair is consistent with one donor.
  • Easily blends African-American & European Hair
  • Can be bleached, colored, flat ironed or curled.
  • Hair colors are dependent upon donors and range from in the natural black brown. 
  • Medium-thick natural texture.
  • Medium to low luster hair. 
  • Lasts 3+ years with proper care and maintenance
  • Each ponytail is individually priced. 
  • Ponytail weight is 120g (4.20 oz.)
  • One clip and 2 tie strings are attached. 

All Ondibu hair is custom made to order. The price is for one ponytail. Please allow 14-21 business days to receive your order.

For more information on our processing, please see our shipping policy.  

      Quality Matters!

      At Ondibu, our products are ethically sourced from 100% premium single donors, providing you with the highest hair quality on the planet! We ensure you will only receive the best, resulting in years of use. No gimmicks, just great hair.