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Our Indian Super Curly wefts boast organic curls that make for a striking look! Sourced solely from the finest temples in India, this unprocessed, single-donor, raw temple hair has been crafted exclusively for Ondibu Hair customers. Our raw hair is 100% free from damaging chemicals, heat or hair dyes, for optimal fullness, health and body.

As the bundles are raw, they will not be exactly the same. Natural curl patterns vary between donors, so bear in mind that curl pattern is determined by the length of the hair and will loosen as the length increases. We recommend purchasing all the bundles in one go to guarantee the best match. Each machine weft bundle 3.5 oz (100 grams) and is priced separately. Color will vary per bundle from natural brown to blacks. Our hair is guaranteed to last 5+ years with proper care and maintenance.

Before you install your hair, we recommend you deep condition it and then once a month for ideal outcomes and long life. While this curl pattern is slightly tighter and coarser than other patterns, this hair behaves like natural curls and requires attention, although no more than natural curly hair. Regular washing maintenance/hydration is key for best results. If the hair is straightened, the original curl pattern will reappear when it comes in contact with water. 

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