Wavy Curly Clip-Ins

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Raw Indian Curly Hair is the most sought-after hair texture in the world! This is the rarest texture of Raw Indian hair there and is extremely difficult to source. Premium Raw Indian Curly hair is naturally thick, lush, and curly; however, the hair is generally coarser and full of texture. This texture is a loose curl pattern. More curls than waves. 

This is the right hair for you if you want a natural loose curly texture. Whether you prefer to wear natural, straighten, braid-outs or curl, our Raw Indian Wavy Curly Hair will give you precisely what you need. Each set weighs 7 oz (about 200 grams) per clip-in set. 

Quality Matters!

At Ondibu, our products are ethically sourced from 100% premium single donors, providing you with the highest hair quality on the planet! We ensure you will only receive the best, resulting in years of use. No gimmicks, just great hair.